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Fret not, Frusso is loaded with both dietary fibres, Intestinal Salvation You Need Today!

Frusso is a baby step towards detoxifying intestine as it is loaded with both dietary fibres, water-soluble and water-insoluble. These two fibers possess their own function in which water- soluble fibre is viscous and able to absorb large amount of water, forming a gel when excreted whereas water-insoluble fibre functions to increase the volume and weight of faeces, promote gastrointestinal motility and bowel movements, and relieve constipation.


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✔️ Accelerate Bowel Movements
Dietary fibre will combine with stools which will then sweep away the stools in the intestinal wall and relieve constipation. 

✔️ Aid in the Reproduction of Probiotics
Frusso contains prebiotics, necessary for the reproduction of probiotics which will reduce the growth of bad bacteria and maintain intestinal health. 

✔️ Control Weight
Frusso is loaded with fiber to make you feel satiated which requires no further calorie intake. It helps you prevent obesity as well. 

✔️ Control Blood Sugar
Frusso can help reduce glucose absorption rate and prevent blood sugar level from increasing hence keeping the blood sugar level normal. 

✔️ Lower Your Cholesterol
Frusso has the potential to combine with bile acid and promote bile acid excretion which can then reduce your cholesterol level. 


Fibersol-2, Psyllium Husk, Inulin, Palm Fibre

FRUSSO contains very low calories, a pack of only 15-21kcal (different flavors have different calories), therefore people who want to control calorie intake can take it with ease.

Water-soluble fiber
✔️ viscous
✔️ able to absorb large amount of water, forming a gel when excreted

Water-insoluble fiber
✔️ increase the volume and weight of faeces
✔️ promote gastrointestinal motility and bowel movements

Direction of Use:
Add a sachet of FRUSSO to 150 ml of room temperature water and mix well before drinking.

Customers are suggested to consume it before going to bed. so that he/she can go to the toilet for defecation the next morning.

In addition, customers who want to maintain their body or lose weight can also take it before meals to increase their satiety therefore reducing their food intake.

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    Spencer Yuen
    August 21, 2021
    Fast delivery and efficient services. Marketing personnel is very detailed on explaining the products. Will definitely recommend for those who are keen in the future. Thanks to Jocelyn 😄
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    December 20, 2020
    Received!! Thank you!’
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