SGD$ 75.00 / per box (20 sachets)

The Benefits of Soy Isoflavones And So Much More … JUST FOR HER !

ISODUCE is a product that cares of the needs of women, especially the pains they go through during that time of the months. It is made with all natural ingredients led by kacip Fatimah, soy isoflavones, extract of manjakani / mirifica with strengthened with soy powder, silk amino acid, oat powder, and elderflower powder. With this, women can be ensured that they’re getting the best supplement to take care of their hormone system. Women’s hormones especially estrogen are closely linked with their reproductive health and emotional well-being especially w hen they go through hormonal changes which come inevitably as they age. With Wellous ISODUCE, we hope “women’s troubles” become less troublesome.


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Health Benefits

8 Natural Botanical Ingredients in ISODUCE!

? 1. Soy Isoflavones
* Relieves uncomfortable symptoms of menstruation
* Prevents heart-related diseases

? 2. Mirifica Extract
* Reduce body heat and replaces females hormones
* Builds firmer muscles

? 3. Kacip Fatimah
* Balances the endocrine system
* Relieves menstrual pain

? 4. Soy Powder
* Anti-Aging
* Increase immunity

? 5. Manjakani Extract
* Significantly Increases women’s sex drive
* Tightens vaginal slackness and restores its firmness

? 6. Elder-flower Powder
* Reduces water retention in the body
* High in antioxidants

? 7. Silk Amino Acid
* Strengthens damaged hair
* Moisturizes skin and reduce wrinkles

? 8. Oat
* Rich in fiber to improve digestion
* Contains Vitamin B to relieve stress


Elderflower Powder, Soy Powder, Oat Powder, Silk Amino Acid, Soy Isoflavones, Kacip Fatimah, Pueraria Mirifica Extract, Manjakani Powder, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Xylitol

Direction of Use

➖ 20 sachets per box (3 boxes for a course of treatment for two months)
➖ 1 sachet to be mixed with a glass of lukewarm water
➖ Consume whenever desired.


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